Karela powder 500gms | Momordica charantia | Bitter melon | Bitter gourd | African Cucumber | Promotes healthy sugar


  • Vegetarian with pure Bitter Melon herb. 100% vegetarian bitter melon supplement with pure Bitter melon or bitter gourd also known as Karela, an Ayurvedic herb with multiple nutritonal benefits,is a comprehensive way to support your metabolic health.*
  • Multiple Beneficial Effects: Known to improve energy and stamina levels and reduce skin problems like itching. Consuming karela may help you get rid of acne, blemishes and skin infections and gives you a healthy and glowing skin.
  • Excellent natural supplement for blood sugar. Bitter melon extract and bitter melon powder | bitter gourd powder contains active bitters which help in lowering triglyceride level which lowers cholesterol and maintain heart health & lowers blood pressure level.*
  • Bitter melon is linked to lowering the body’s blood sugar control. This is because the The melon may also be able to help your body retain nutrients by blocking their conversion to glucose that ends up in your blood stream

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Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd or Karela or Momordica charantia. It belongs to the gourd family and is related to popular vegetables like zucchini, squash, cucumber, and pumpkin. It is one of the most bitter fruits and vegetables that human consumes. For centuries, bitter melon has been used by indigenous populations worldwide for its health benefits. In Ayurveda, Karela is believed to be useful in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and promoting metabolic health.

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